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A great step towards raising voice against the ignorance towards our heritage.


30415144_1874106065974889_3539410414657863680_oIndia, A land of heritage, A land of culture, A land of full of art and monuments. The current condition of India’s most famous monuments is worst as most of the monument premises are polluted and poorly maintained. This act of negligence is bringing the Indian heritage to shame and this problem is addressed by LEADer Ritu Singh from Lucknow with her team leaders Gajendra, Pallavi, Akashdeep, Gyan and Shiv.

 LEADer Ritu Singh joined LEAD through one of her acquaintance and started doing projects. She addressed the problem with her initiative “Save The Monument” at Bara IImamabad Lucknow. She says that it is disheartening to see people, forgetting that they are doing an irreparable damage to these archaeological masterpieces, inscribe their initials, names, or messages on these national treasures.


The problem she faced was that people were not ready to listen to them and many of them revolted. People being ignorant or sometimes irritated but they were very consistent with the project. Monuments have always been the illustration of wealth and power of a country. The only way to protect these monuments is to follow specific rules. This was the goal of the team. They also took the responsibility to make the people aware of the threats to the monuments and the acts passed by the government to protect them.

The initiatives reached more than 500 people a day. The initiative is still continuing on weekly basis. The initiative is a great step towards raising voice against the ignorance towards our heritage.

Written By: Nilima Jangam

Email: nilimajangam65@gmail.com

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