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Fund Raising for Kerala and Kodugu by LEADers of Deshpande Education Trust

The coastal area of Kerala and Kodagu recently had been overtaken with floods. The devastation of the 2018 monsoon killed 483 people and 14 people remain unfound. The floods of 2018 left thousands without a home and much of the previous infrastructure.  This inflicted the citizens with unexpected costs that most residents could not afford. Although this was a devastating event, a few Deshpande Educational Trust students found the courage to help them.
LEADer from the Deshpande Educational Trust or DET did not want to stand idle while their fellow India’s suffered. The 600-person team from DET picked up their bags and went into the city of Huballi. From Huballi the team travelled to many temples, and local residences to collect money for their fallen brethren in Kerala and Kodagu. During this day campaign, they managed to collect 5LK Rupees and 20LK rupees worth of equipment for the victims of the 2018 monsoon.
There was no hesitation in the minds of these students when thinking about helping. The DET program although usually focused on improving students with their furthering education, this time, took a few hours to help their fellow Indians. This is one act, but a collection of many acts will be what gets these citizens back to their normal lives.  Please donate when you can because it is a collection of small donation that creates a significant difference in the long term.
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