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Fund raise program on the account of world food day

Satya Phanindra and her team members Akhil and Suman (VREC, SSR) were very concerned about the amount of food being wasted, and simultaneously the degree of malnutrition present amoung children, in Nizamabad. They noticed that two of the main places that all of this food was being wasted was in party halls and restaurants. These LEaders decided to stand idle, but instead do something about it. They approached the owners and managers of various restaurants and party halls in Nizamabad and encouraged them to stop wasting all the food that they do. In addition, they suggested NGOs that they could donate their leftovers to, and even offered to act as an interface between them and the suggested organizations. Additionally, they left posters around these establishments educating people about malnutrition and the importance of not wasting food but instead giving it to those in need. The people they spoke with were grateful for the efforts of the LEaders and decided to follow the recommendations. These LEaders impacted 50+ people in a very positive way.
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