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What fruits a tree bears is the result of what nourishment it gets

Childhood is the most beautiful phase of life. The lessons we pick up in childhood stays with us forever. Kindness, empathy and responsibility are the qualities children need to develop become a better human being, a responsible citizen and a good LEADer.
LEAD Youngstar is putting its best efforts to make children realize the qualities of a LEADer hidden within them. It encourages school students to observe their surrounding, notice a problem and to come up with a viable solution for the same. Thereby, making children feel that they are an integral part of the society.

In Nizamabad recently, LEAD Youngstar worked with 21 children in the age group 13-15. The students of Vasavi High School attended an orientation by LEAD staff Vinay V Raj. After the orientations, students thought of contributing to their society through actions.With the temperature rising in Nizamabad and the major reason for this being absence of trees. Children decided to plant saplings and clean the park of their area. They also rearranged the sitting arrangement of the park.

The initiative of the Children is worth appreciating. Not only for their hard work but also for their concern towards their Environment and society.

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