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Flood Relief Project – Vijayapur

Flood relief
Villagers affected by the Flood

North Karnataka, the land which is well known for its rich cultural and great Rulers in the past. Most of the people of North Karnataka are dependent on agriculture as their occupation, It is well-irrigated land with river basin of Krishna, hence it provides rich fertile soil for crops cultivation. Krishna river basin is about 258,940 sq Km and has 11 Dams across it. Koyna dam, Almatti Dam are two biggest reservoirs. Venna, Koyna, Panchganga, Dudhganga, Malaprabha, and Tungabhadra are river networks of Krishna. This year, in the month of August  North Karnataka, have received a heavy rainfall which was never seen in the last 55 years. Krishna river has overflown beyond its limits.

Flood relief
Overflow of water on Roads

              Live’s of the people on rivers basin had become critical for the living, hundreds of villages and towns submerged in water, thousands of people lost their home, cattle, and belongings which they have earned for Life-time. People left-back all their belongings and moved to a safer place with their children and old aged partners. Life had become meaningless. Form Newborn baby to old aged people had all lost hopes. Some people were stuck in the middle of the flood, no place to move. Hundreds of cattle and people lost their life due to river overflow. They were holding all their strength and acted strong, controlling all their emotions and were praying for survival. Crops they grew were in water and farmers were bleeding internally for the loss and yet hoping for Normal life. No food, no clothes and no one takes care.

           After the flood when water level decreased, there were new challenges to the people to bring back life to normal. All schools, roads, hospitals, and homes were damaged. Even the air was carrying the bacterias which can cause diseases and smell which make human life-critical. For survival, everything has to be cleaned and manage the waste. 

Flood Relief
Leaders distributed neddy materials to people

          People of Vijayapur were also worst affected by this disaster. Some parts of Vijayapur were also hit by flood and life of people became critical. Our Leaders of Vijayapur lend their helping hand to the people who were suffering. The leader collected the needy materials form the local areas for about one whole week and packed it, then distributed the materials to the people. They crossed the water stream to distribute the materials to the people who were stuck in the middle of the water and were successful in reaching them. 

Flood relief activity performed by Leaders:

  1. They raised a fund of 4200 rupees to provide basics materials for the needy. 
  2. More than 60 leaders worked actively in the flood relief projects.
  3. Distributed materials worth more than 50000 Rs. successfully in a week.
  4. They reached more than 800 families.
  5. Leaders worked for 15 days to help the flood-affected people.
  6. Visited the flood affected villages Hulagabali, Jamakhandi, Chikkapadasalagi, Kusanal, Athani, Aakalavaadi performed various activities.
  7. LEADers from the various colleges of Vijayapur stood united and worked effortlessly are Vanishree, Bhuvaneswari, Sameena, Diana, Komal, Soujanya, Santosh, Gururaj, Narasimha, Harsh of BLDEA’s Engineering College, Vijayapur. LEADers of Smt. Kumudben Darbar College of Vijayapur Vijayakumar, Divyam, Ranjeet, Nishchal, Nikhil, Manik, Manju, Abhilash, Shreerang, Soumy, Renal, Sushmita, Ankita, Anusha, Anjali, Sneha, Megha, Kishor and team of KCP Science College, Vijayapura Soumya BLDEA’s Diploma College Vijayapur, Praveen and Omkar, etc.

Leader Ranjit said, “He was amazed to see people standing strong together even in critical condition to help each other and it inspired him to do more“. 

Leader Divyam said “Being a Leader it was his duty to help the people and will be always there to help people”. 

Written By: Swaroop Kotagi

Mail Id: Swaroopkotagi29@gmail.com

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