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Flood Relief Project – Dharwad, Hubli and Ballari


Nothing on this planet belongs to humankind, not even their own life. Taking this planet and the natural resources for granted has been a huge mistake done by everyone. The results of the irresponsible behaviour were experienced by people of North Karnataka. Belagavi, Chikodi, Gokak and other parts of north Karnataka including the surrounding villages were affected by the floods. When everyone was fighting this flood and supporting each other during the hard times’ LEADers from all over  Karnataka were struggling to support the flood-affected regions. 

Flood-affected school
Flood-affected school

Dharwad and Hubli 

LEADers from Jiglur women’s college, Jain Engineering College, YB Annigeri College, GPW College have reached approximately 400 people. Around 39 LEADers from this region were involved in this flood relief campaign. LEADers from Jain College of Engineering and Technology, Hubballi, stepped forward to help the people who had lost their shelter. They collected as well as raised funds to buy the daily needed things like food grains, clothes, blankets, food, medicines, and sanitary napkins.

The remaining collected amount of Rs. 2500 was used by LEADers to help the blind children who were rescued and shifted to Dharwad. The collected materials were dispatched to the flood-affected areas. Along with LEADers of Jain College of Engineering, LEADers from Jigalur Women College, Dharwad also collected all basic necessities and sent it to all nearby places of Dharwad that have been affected by floods. LEADer Nachiket and LEADer Mallikarjun from JCET College helped to donate the clothes to a hospital from where the required material was dispatched to the needy places. 

Material collected by LEaders of Dharwad and Hubli
Material collected by LEaders of Dharwad and Hubli




We are divided by distance but united by hearts. The distance can never keep humanity apart. LEADers from Ballari raised around 3,20,900/- . Out of the collection, they bought the materials of 1,50,000/-. This activity involved a total of 93 students from the region.

Master LEADers Somashekhar R H, Sanjay S, Sri Ranganath Desai, Mantesha K, Shruti Y, Shusma G, Eknath KG, Triveni C, Rashmi M, Pooja M and LEADers Abishek N, Rakesh, Rudresh, Kiran N, Bharath, Manoj, Sachin Jaggal, Vikas, Sharan Kumar R, Sujay S initiated a great act at Melavanki, Chigadolli and Mahalingpur. Everyone decided to distribute the kits for the flood-affected people by convincing them to stay calm.

LEADers implemented this project nearby Gokak taluka. The staff of RYMEC College donated their one day salary for the greater cause. As mentioned above the overall collected amount was 3.5 lakhs from which around 1200 people were benefited. On the occasion of 15th August, LEADers met Chakravarti Sulebele who directed LEADers to do work in a very efficient way.

They entered a village named Chigodolli which was filled with water and collapsed. The government school was completely damaged and each room was filled with insects, frogs, snakes and mud slush all over the floor. LEADers worked hard and cleaned the school and made it as it was before after which they donated the kits. The next village LEADers visited was Melavanki which was same as another village. Here, LEADers inspired and motivated the villagers to help them to clean the school. After donating the kits to villagers. The kit included basic requirements like food, clothes, toiletries from the funds they had raised.

Also they collected 100 Blankets, 100 Towels, 300 Innerwears, 100 Monkey Caps, 100 Bedsheets, 1000 Kg Rice, 100 Kg Toordal, 100 Kg Sugar, 200 Kg Salt, 200 Soaps, Toothpastes and Toothbrushes, 240 Matchboxes, 100 Packets of Vegetable Oil, 20 Packets of Mosquito Repellent Coils, 160 Packets of Tea Powder, 70 Candles, 200 Sarees, 200 Dhotras, 200 Mats.


Every single bit of help is equal to the blessing of God in the crisis. In these huge crisis LEADers from Dharwad, Hubballi and Ballari did every possible thing to help the needy people. Hats off to the LEADers for their good deed!

Written By: Nilima Jangam

Email: nilimajangam65@gmail.com

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