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Flood Relief Project – Davanagere and Chitradurga


Are the laws of nature so difficult for us to follow? It states such a simple law not to harm it. But we, humans are still in a race to destroy it for our satisfactory exclusive life. Why don’t we keep our needs at ground level! Do we need to crave for the desires that harm nature?

Flood Relief
Leaders collecting flood relief funds

As we have a limit to tolerate any stuff, so do nature. It has accepted lots of pollution, and changes that are destroying nature. This time nature returned us a terrible and costliest gift that destroyed the lives of thousands. Floods in north Karnataka have caused a great disaster in many lives. People have lost their shelter, farms, lands, and so on. In these hard times, LEADers from Davangere have helped people to their fullest. They have worked for long hours in providing shelter, food and all other daily requirements.


Flood Relief
Materials collected by Leaders for Flood relief

Around 40 LEADers took part actively in the flood relief camp, from different colleges of Davanagere like Bapuji Polytechnic College, DRM Science College, DRR Polytechnic College, Jain Engineering College, and UBDT Engineering College, Davangere. They contributed through various sources like, at the start, they went around few areas and collected all the daily requirements like food, clothes, grains, bags, blankets, medicines and so on for a few days and also could collect money about Rupees 40400. It was a great and a bit difficult experience for the LEADers to cover the areas and collect. Another difficulty was to deal with people because not everyone donates willingly. In this era, we don’t have everyone as helpful as others. So dealing with people taught the LEADers about ethics of helping the needy without any expectations.

LEADers of Govt. Polytechnic College Hiriyur also contributed to the Flood relief projects in their way. Nearly 19 students worked with great enthusiasm and raised a fund of 44512 Rs. Principle and professors of the college encouraged the students and guided them throughout the flood relief work.

Students worked for about 15 hours and after the collection, it was time to get all the flood-affected people to reach out for all the materials. For this cause, LEADers themselves went around the areas and distributed some of the collected materials. But what about the places that were difficult to reach out to? Well, that was not impossible, but it just took some time. LEADers collaborated with TV 9 Media members and gave them the materials to provide it to the people who needed it.

This was an amazing initiative from the LEADers. It is so proud that youths realize their responsibilities and act upon them to make a change as well as help the society when needed. It takes lots of great efforts in dealing with such situations for all the people who have suffered from the flood, but when there are youths who step forward to help along with the government forces, the help doubles and pain becomes less. This did not just help from LEADers, it was the most crucial time for the LEADers to learn and earn some knowledge also. LEADers shared that they could learn communication skills, teamwork, strength to overcome the fear of suffering, supporting the needy without expectations and lots of things. In the end, it defines all about humanity.

Flood Relief
Team Davanagere Who worked Selflessly to help the needy

Written By: Priyanka Kammar

Mail Id: priyankaykammar@gmail.com

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