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Fix it up!




As the sun rose over the horizon and the dawn set in, people starting their day were surprised to see the volunteers in blue everywhere near Sirur park in Hubli actively patching up the pits and fixing the roads .

LEADer Shruthi and team from Deshpande Foundation initiated a project of fixing up the roads near their locality in Hubli.In our country, an average of 400 people die every day due to road accidents, and uneven roads and pits play a major role in these accidents.jrtg4byil

Shruthi, a student of Deshpande foundation kept reading this news of accidents daily in the newspaper. She was worried every time she read this because the roads near her locality were very bad. she wanted to do something for the people she cared, her friends,her neighbours, her fellow citizens. So she initiated an activity of fixing these roads.




LEADer Shruthi and her friends had a hard time in finding proper equipment to fix the road and they also didn’t know the method.Upon seeing their enthusiasm and the urge to solve the problem, a worker from nearby construction site offered them help and taught them so fill the pits n fix the roads.

And then there was no stopping LEADer Shruthi and team, they fixed almost all roads near Sirur park in Hubli.Their work was recognised and appreciated by the people of that locality.


LEADer Shruthi and team became the change they wanted to see in their locality and they are positive in bringing in more changes around their area.

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