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Eye Screening Camp

Some Special cases of students with impaired vision

Guys let’s try out an experiment now. Just close your eyes for few minutes and try to do things you always do. How do you feel?  Healthy vision is gift from God. Everyone is not really blessed with good vision. Nearly 550 million of India’s population have vision problems. We perceive up to 80% of all impression by means of our sight. According to the studies most important organs of sense are our eyes. Some people doesn’t have the good eyesight from birth and some lose it later due to various reasons. Some can be treated if the proper care is taken and some can’t be treated. Especially in the case children the chances of cure are high.

Our LEADer Vaishnavi N Patil the final year biomedical student of KLE’s Dr. M S Sheshgiri college of engineering and technology, Belagavi took an initiative to do a free Eye Screening camp to the government school children. Coming from the medical background she knew the expenses that costs for the eye care treatments.  Most of the parents who are the daily wage workers can’t afford this expensive treatment to their children. So she conducted the camp in the Government KHPS School Piranawadi, Belagavi  on 4th December 2018 with the help of senior ophthalmologist Dr. Murthy and his team from Government District Civil Hospital, Belagavi. Piranawadi is an industrial area and most of the people staying there are the laborers of the industries. Vaishnavi spoke to the headmaster of the school and learnt that there was such checkup was conducted from past five years.

Dr, Murthy and his team inspected the children and out of 452 students 25 students were found defective.  Doctor explained the teachers that most of the children were suffering vision impairment because of malnutrition. He said the teachers to address the parents regarding the same. Some of the cases with higher risk were refereed the District Civil Hospital. He said when the students come to the hospitals for treatment he will see that they fit in on or the other government schemes and their treatment is done for free.

LEADer Vaishnavi Patil says that “I really feel happy and satisfied with the thought that some of the students life is getting little better with my initiative”.  Taking permission from the government official to conduct the camp was the major hurdle she faced during the project. The other challenge was to match the busy schedule of the civil hospital. She wants to continue this project in the remote areas of the Belagavi. Health is wealth and good health is everyone’s right.

Written By: Vaishnavi N Patil

Mail Id: vaishnavinpatil6@gmail.com


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