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The empathy she possessed to heed to the farmers


Farmer is a backbone of our country. Most of our farmers belong to rural areas. Some of them are not aware about the schemes of Indian government. Due to the lack of knowledge about advance technologies in agriculture field, farmers are not able to enhance the food quality and quantity.

LEADer Disha Patankar and team from S.G. Balekundri Institute Of technology, Belgaum visited a place, Nagnur.This team of leaders surveyed the place, asked the villagers and local farmers about their problems.LEADers went to houses and spoke to them.

After the conversation in village, LEADers went to the farms. Farmers shared their problems. They told how the quality and growth of crop is reducing. To solve this problem leaders contacted Agriculture department and also the soil testing department. From there, officers told them to get the soil samples for testing.LEADers decided to complete the work on the same day. They started digging the farm and collected required amount of soil samples in a bag and submitted the bags to the soil testing department. Meanwhile in the project, farmers asked LEADers the reason why They are doing this project and why do they want to help farmers. Teaching the new technical ideas and schemes was challenging for LEADers.


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At the end of the day farmers and other people from Nagnur thanked LEADers for helping them out.When disha was asked about her feelings on completing the project successfully, she said “on being a farmer’s daughter she never worked in fields and she got that opportunity because of the project.” She always wanted to help farmers for the enhancement crop and their quality. LEAD gave her that platform. She is looking forward for her new projects with the help of LEAD. It’s a message for youth, you have potential to do new things, and you know technology so help the community with your new innovative ideas. After all its just one thing, “INITIATION.”

Written by: Nilima Jangam

Email id:nilimajangam65@gmail.com

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