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Donate blood to save life: A blood donation camp towards saving life


The very best that one can donate is not money or any other resources but BLOOD. You don’t need wealth to donate blood, all you need is a desire.

IMG-20170629-WA0015Every drop of blood count. It can save life or take it away. To be born is a blessing. But to live is a challenge. Life is a never ending challenge until our last breath of life. Staying alive safe and healthy is a task. But there are numerous people on earth who die due to lack of blood supply. Deaths in connection with blood loss is of various forms. It can be due to massive accidents that cause loss of flood on roads, heart wrecking blood cancer, low hemoglobin content, or any other disorder or disaster. Around 36000 units of blood is required everyday in order to save lives. Of the 112.5 million blood donations collected globally, approximately half is collected in high income country alone. In low income countries blood upto 65% is given to children under 5 years of age. But in high income group the story is other way round. It accounts for people above 65 years in high income countries. To donate blood is a noble deed. Because a unit of blood can be the reason for somebody else heart beat. It can gift another life to a person lying on the bed of death.

Blood can’t be generated. It can only be transfused from one person to another. That’s the reason behind so many loss of life. Our leader, Mr.Vamshi thought in this regard and contributed towards saving life. This leader is a student at Swami Ramananda Thirtha Institute of Technology and Science. He felt the necessity to put forth an effort towards saving a life or two by collecting blood in order to utilize it in times of a serious situation.


On account of World Blood Donors Day, he along with his team conducted a blood donation camp. Instead of merely hosting the event without prior intimation, he planned about creating an awareness amongst public regarding this in advance. He displayed five posters in public places, used the means of mouth to mouth advertisement and social media too to spread a word about it.

As donors poured in to the camp, they had to change the venue to accommodate everyone under one roof. Finally, the by the end of the day, this leader could collect blood from 20 donors. This act of social responsibility is a unique contribution. While every one is behind saving his own life, this leader came up with an effort towards saving many. He is a saviour in disguise.

Blood is a life saving agent. It can revive life. And a scarcity of a unit of blood can end a life. Donate blood and save life.

Written by: Athmeeya Shetty

Email: athmeeyashetty1996@gmail.com

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