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Awareness about Voter ID App.


Digitalisation is playing an amazing role in the development of every sector of our life. From individual help to the whole country requirements are easily completed by the technological revolution taking place. It has divided each and every individual’s responsibility over themselves as well as the society. In India, the recent upcoming policies introduced for the beneficiary of every individual has made life more comfortable. But not everyone has access to it. People in the rural areas have incomplete or no information about it. 


To overcome the unreachable information to rural people, LEADer Ravi Hiremath from Jain College of Engineering, Belagavi took an initiative. He joined LEAD in his first year of engineering during the orientation program. When his lecturers introduced him about the voter helpline app, he thought that it will help  people to complete their work within few minutes instead of standing for long in a queue to link their Aadhar card to voter ID.

There are many villages in India where still people lack the knowledge about such policies and activities taking place. It’s quite difficult to reach them out for it, but not impossible. LEADer Ravi and his team of 24 members visited a village named Hunchanhatti near their college and conducted an awareness program about the process  if the people were educated and for the rest they helped by completing the required procedure for linking of Aadhaar card to voter ID.



They successfully made the count of 85 voter ID links and 12 new voter ID were registered which is actually a greater number to come in contact and lead the way.  At the start, people were not ready to give the details as they thought them fraudulent. But they were successful in creating the trust by the awareness. People were very happy with the initiative and they also said the LEADers to continue helping them in the corrections of Aadhaar card and linking to other government policies. 

Being youth of this nation it’s our prime duty to help the needy in providing any help. When the LEADers realized of unreachable information to people in rural areas, they learned the importance of spreading such awareness and provide the help to rural communities. LEADers have decided to spread more awareness and to help as many people as possible to make them avail the benefits of government policies.


Written by : Priyanka Kammar

Email ID : priyankaykammar18@gmail.com


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