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The darkness innocent souls are going through!



Children are the most important part of each society. There is no doubt that they are facing some difficulties nowadays. There are several reasons for these problems and various measures can be taken by parents to improve the situation.

download (2)It has been argued that lack of families’ closeness and influence of modern technologies such as internet are the most predominant cause of children problems. Today, in most families woman are working along with man and it is difficult for them to manage time to look after their children properly. Internet addiction is also a serious issue children are facing today. They also sometimes browse the websites which contain violent, porn contents which can have a negative effect on them. Proper guidance and monitoring are the keys to solve the children’s problem.

Another problem faced by the children today is Starvation. It is a condition characterized by the deficiency in calorie energy intake and is a serious form of malnutrition which ultimately leads to death if not taken care about. It mainly occurs due to poverty, a social evil of today’s society globally. Various measures such as food helpline, help by NGOs can be taken to diminish this problem.

Child labor typically means the employment of children in any work with or without payment. Child labor is not only limited to India, it happens to be a global phenomenon.
download (1)The issue is a vicious one as children have historically been helping parents at their farms and other primitive activities. Overpopulation, illiteracy, poverty, debt trap is some of the common causes which are instrumental in this issue. Social awareness, legal actions, formal education to children are some ways to prevent this social evil.

downloadThe Child marriage is the very big illegal issue of the society. Child marriage marks the innocence of childhood. While countries with the highest prevalence of child marriage are concentrated in Western and Sub-Saharan Africa, due to population size, the largest number of child brides reside in South Asia. Educating and empowering girls, educating parents, opening anti child marriage charities and organizations are some ways to overcome this social issue.

Trafficking is the fastest growing means by which people are forced into slavery. It affects every continent and most countries. Currently children are trafficked from countries such as Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sudan and Yemen to be used as camel jockeys in the UAE. Some children are also abused by the traffickers and employers. Having a strong police protection in the country and providing self protection classes to children can be of great help to overcome this problem.

Military use of children is also a serious problem in today’s world, children are singled out for recruitment by both armed forces and armed opposition groups, and exploited as combatants. Easily manipulated, children are sometimes coerced to commit grave atrocities, including rape and murder of civilians assault rifles such as AK-47s and G4s. Filling of knowledge gaps and bridging the divide between international policy and legislation with the realities faced by the security sector. This approach seeks to change attitudes and behaviors that in turn lead to holistic systemic change that eventually makes the recruitment and use of children as soldiers unthinkable. Taking care of these gross issues is necessary as they are slowly eating up our society’s future and welfare.

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Written By: Mandavi Singh Rajput

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