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Dancing Her Way For Financial Independence


Shweta was recently struggling to pay her rent and often had to rely on her peers and parents to cover bills. She had to do something to ensure that she could be financially free. As a little girl, Shweta learned how to dance classically a talent up until this point of her life she had not capitalized on. With the help of the LEAD program, Shweta was able to overcome her fears and build a now thriving business of teaching classical dance to children.


With mentors from the LEAD program, Shweta embarked on her first venture called Tandava Dance and Signing Academy. She now teaches two, two hours, classes a week on Sunday and Saturday. Her student includes 13 Locals.  With all of these students, Shweta can pay her bill and has now become financially independent.

Her friends mentioned that since creating the business, Shweta had developed a new passion in life. Often Shweta can be found deep in research trying to figure out how she can improve her lessons and teaching ability. Not only is she more confident she has also been thinking about turning this into her full-time job.  Shweta would like to expand her Academy by purchasing a professional dance studio, taking on more student, and putting on shows for the community.

With this talent, Shweta graciously volunteered to give lessons for free. Recently Shweta has taken her skills to government schools to teach the children about traditional dancing. She hoped to teach the students dancing and help improve their confidence.

Shweta was a struggling student, and now she is well on her way to exceed what she thought was possible. Shweta is only one explain of success, and with the help of LEAD you too can achieve your dreams.

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