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Daan Utsav 2017


Do you know that happiness doubles when you share it with others?

Yes, we are in that society we everybody is not as lucky as we are. The resources of our world is very unevenly distributed i.e the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. But we should never forget that all of us have equal rights of being happy.

The value of a man resides in what he gives and not in what he is capable of receiving. – Albert Einstein

There are a lot of things in the world that can make us smile but nothing beats the invaluable joy of making someone happy.

Daan Utsav is Indias festival of giving that brings people from various sectors together, to celebrate and spread the joy of sharing. Held annually in the first week of October 2nd-8th, the festival has empowered millions of Indians to give back to society. Anyone can be a part of this festival and give back something to the society in the way they choose.

As every year LEADers took an active part in this festival of love – Daan Utsav Initiatives were taken all over India.


The first initiative was taken at Hubli where LEADers organised a fun filled day for 50 kids of Bethraphal orphanage. celebration of Gandhi Jayanthi was organised at the orphanage followed by an exposure visit to Agastya international Foundation, the kids had craft session and also were made to watch an animated movie and at last the gifts were given. The was a fun-filled day for the kids and it brought a definite smile on their faces.

This was followed by Gandhi Jayanthi celebrations at different locations like Dharwad, Raibag, Belgaum etc.

The LEADers of chikkodi and Nidasoshi took an initiative of collecting rice and distributing it to the needy.

Basic education and awareness camp was organised to unprivileged kids in Varanasi, chikkodi, Vijaypur and many other places.

IMG-20171101-WA0019Davengere LEADers on behalf of Daan utsav organised vastra Daan, Vidya Daan, anna daan, dhan daan, shrama dhaan and raktha daan which included the giving clothes, knowledge, food, funds, help and blood to the needy.

50+ LEADers from Chitradurga raised funds, distributed paper bags to avoid plastic, gave sweets the needy and showed their participation in the week of giving.

LEADers of Darbar College, Bijapur raised funds by selling 600+ saplings in their surroundings while LEADers of Lucknow collected clothes and distributed them to the needy people of slums.

IMG-20171101-WA0022Sharing doesn’t alway have to be big, a LEADer from Hubli celebrated Daan utsav by giving to tea to the night watchmen all-around the city. On occasion of Daan utsav, LEADers of Dharwad opened daan daye store – take a bit and share a bit store which became huge success. Daan utsav is not only above giving, it’s also about improving. LEADers of SM College Dharwad organised a drawing competition for 40+ orphan kids which brought out the competitive spirit in them.

IMG-20171101-WA0024A blood donation camp was organised by Ek Soch sandbox where 50+ LEADers donated blood on the eve of Daan utsav. A LEADer from dharwad sprayed fogger in the mosquito prone areas of the city and did his part in giving a healthy life to the people.

Many other innovative initiatives were taken by the LEADers where they spread joy and happiness. The joy of giving week was not only about giving but the LEADers learnt a great deal from the experience. As every year, LEAD was successful in giving back something to the society and in sharing and joy with others.

LEAD plans to take the exponential growth onto next year and do much more to the society.

“Discover the joy of giving and you will discover the reason for living” -Mark Victor Hansen

Written by: Shyam Manja

Email: manjashyam@gmail.com

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