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Cloth Drive


                                       “Beauty is not who you are on the outside, it is the wisdom and time you gave away to save another struggling soul “. Every human in their life time struggles through a tough situation. As Indians we all know, we might not be economically rich, due to the past history we suffered but spiritually we’re the richest. We like to help people when we see someone struggling.

But think about it? when we see and habituate from movies that if his/her partner feels cold they wrap a coat or cloth around their partner’s neck which is nothing bad in context but who will care about the poor who doesn’t have even proper roof as shelter and no proper clothes to warm up their bodies from cold winds ? But now, here she comes.

Now let’s hear the story of Alakonda khyati from Giriraj government college, Nizamabad. She has been through an orientation of LEAD. Which was conducted in her college and through that orientation, she got to know LEAD works for a social cause and right from childhood she was interested in social service.  So, she thought LEAD would be a great platform for her to help the people out who are in great need, that’s how she joined lead and started doing social-based projects.

One day, when khyati was going to college, she observed many people wearing thorn clothes and they were badly in need of proper clothes.  So, she got an idea that she can collect clothes from people which are in good condition and give them to needy people.

LEADer khyati from Giriraj Government College and her team of Co- LEADers collected clothes and distributed them in slum areas and she also thinks there are still many people who are in need of proper clothes so this an ongoing process for which will hit up in a much bigger scale. While working in middle of project to collect clothes when she explained about her idea of cloth-drive.  Many people has taken it in a positive way and were ready to help and some people didn’t showed any interest.

Collecting clothes from different places which were far away from each other was little bit difficult for them. She wants to provide clothes for needy people as much as she can, so when they distributed the clothes for first time people felt very happy the impact was huge as they distributed 1800 clothes and nearly 600 people were benefited. Good communication skills and explaining in a proper way to people that how’s her project impacted on the society, her next plan is to collect clothes in thousands and distribute them to many people who are in great need.

Let’s all appreciate the fact that khyati is doing a great job and I hope many people got inspired after reading her story. Thank you for reading till the end, signing off #JAIHIND #VANDEMATARAM


Written by: Pathan Roshan Khan                                                                                                                                        E-mail id: roshankhanpathan21@gmail.com

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