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Cleanliness next to godliness


IMG-20180225-WA0033Cleanliness is an abstract state of being clean as well as free from dirt in order to maintain and achieve the state of being peaceful, healthy and fit.

It is very necessary for everyone to understand the importance of cleanliness and maintain it forever to continue a healthy and peaceful life. Cleanliness is not only means about the cleanliness of body, cleanliness of body, mind, soul, home, surrounding and the environment. Health and hygiene are interlinked, a good hygiene results in a good health and good lifestyle. But it’s being forgotten these days, especially by the young generation out there.


IMG-20180225-WA0028Keeping these aspects in mind, LEADer Vaishnavi from P.C. Jabin science college Hubli took an initiative to create awareness about health and hygiene among the young minds. One fine afternoon, she visited the Sushanti children’s home and she mingled with all the kids present there. Once she felt she was connected with the children, she gave an awareness talk about human health and hygiene. She advised the kids on how to maintain their routine, importance of healthy and hygiene life. She also made sure the session was an interactive one and saw that the children were involved.

After 3 hours, all the kids promised LEADer Vaishnavi that they’ll try their best to lead a healthy and hygienic life and also inspire others to Lead one. The staff of the Sushanti children’s home appreciated this effort by LEADer Vaishnavi and she plans on taking more initiatives like this to create a social impact.

Written by: Shyam Manja

Email: manjashyam@gmail.com

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