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Cleanliness is the emblem of purity of mind


hqdefaultCleanliness may be defined to be the emblem of purity of mind. Cleanliness is next to godliness. Cleanliness is a very significant topic and have a vast meaning in its own. It is very necessary to be followed all through the life by everyone to really enjoy the nature’s beauty by living a healthy and fit life. Cleanliness is really an abstract state of being clean as well as free from dirt in order to maintain and achieve the state of being peaceful, healthy and fit.

But unfortunately, we tend to neglect cleanliness. Knowingly or unknowingly we throw garbage here and there, we don’t even bother to pick up the garbage lying in our surroundings. Just because we didn’t throw it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t pick it up and dispose it.

LEADer Venkatesh from HMT college Nayaknatti was frustrated after seeing people of his village throwing waste and garbage in their own surroundings. When LEADer Venkatesh investigated the issue, he found out that the absence of adequate dustbins was the major root cause of this issue.

So LEADer Venkatesh and his team of 15 planned to make dustbins and place it all over the village. The LEADers made more than 500 dustbins out of waste cardboard and they placed it in different locations throughout the village.

LEADers also interacted with the people around and made them realize the importance of cleanliness and hygiene for good health. The team was well appreciate by the people of the village. LEADer Venkatesh and team plans to take up many other initiatives for the betterment of their surroundings.

LEADer Venkatesh also gives a shout out to everybody reading this to keep their surroundings clean!

Written by: Shyam Manja

Email: manjashyam@gmail.com


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