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Cleanliness, hygiene havesudha1 always been problems in villages and it causes diseases such as malaria, dengue and other dangerous diseases. Some villages still lack behind toilet facilities which makes place dirty and also causes the reason behind birth of deadly insects. Women hygiene and security also arises with the problem. LEADer Sudharani is well known to this issue in villages and she took an initiative to help villagers to construct toilets in Hullur village.

LEADer Sudharani is pursuing her Bachelor in Science in Vijaypur. She always wants to become an IAS officer. She wants to empathise people and their problems to serve them better and LEAD has given her a platform to become a better person. When LEADer Sudharani and her teammates visited a place called Hullur in Vijaypura district they spoke to people and asked them for documents. Initially people were not ready but LEADers did not stop. They arranged a rally with children to spread awareness about cleanliness, they called a grampanchayat meeting to tell the importance of toilet construction. LEADers explained them the procedure to get funds from government as it can be asudha3 problem for villagers to travel to city LEADers collected necessary documents and submitted them to BDO. The families who have submitted documents receives funds for the toilet construction and the work begins.

With the same procedure LEADer Sudharani and her team has managed to convince people to construct toilets. Till now more than 100 toilets has been constructed and 50 are under construction and sanctioned. LEADer Sudharani has a dream to construct more than 350 toilets in the hullur village. Through this project Sudha has been speaking to people and she has learnt to communicate with people. She got inspired from people around her and learnt lessons from their experiences. Indian government has published laws and policies for betterment of society but due to some circumstances they do not reach till public. LEADers like Sudharani and her team make it possible which helps people to develop themselves.





Written By: Nilima Jangam

Email: nilimajangam65@gmail.com

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