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A step towards clean healthy environment.


A good healthy life is a dream of many, but hardly people in the society achieve it. Today, in the fast growing generation where life has become easier to live, but at the same time diseases are developing stronger too, causing sickness to humans. What might be the reason for it! The reason is nothing but the polluted environment.

LEader Priya Teli joined LEAD as her keen interest in social work and self as well as social development. She was inspired by Mr. Rakesh, LEAD Program Manager. LEader Priya and her team from Deshpande educational trust, Hubballi stepped forward to bring a change in society. They visited Maratha Galli and Ayodhya Nagar in Hubballi to spread awareness about clean environment. These were the two places among many affected the worst during the floods. 

The team visited door-to-door in these two areas and created awareness regarding the cleanliness of the environment. They shared about the importance and methods to keep the surroundings clean. While the LEaders were performing their best, at the same time few of the community people joined the LEaders. They encouraged and supported LEaders in this initiative for the betterment of their society.


LEader Priya says that this initiative by her was her duty towards the development of society. Depending upon someone to join and waiting for them is just a waste of time, we should take action before it turns into critical.


Written by : Swaroop Kotagi

Mail ID : patilsiddu992@gmail.com

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