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Cheap LED Lights with LEADer Uttam D

Thanks to an long-term interest in electronics, LEADer Uttam D from BHU has designed a very inexpensive LED light to be used in villages.

Uttam loves to take electronics apart, and realized he could make his own small light from old electronics parts for very cheap. At first, the light only lasted for 2-3 minutes, but with the addition of a diode, the simple light is rechargeable and lasts over 6 hours per charge. Rather than using all new parts, the light uses parts from waste phones, including the chargers and batteries. This means that the product can be made cheaper, but it also better for the environment.

So far, Uttam has sold over 50 of the LED lights to individuals in his village and nearby villages for 25 rupees each, earning a small profit of 5 rupees for future supplies. In Varanasi there is a proven market for Jugaad innovations, and therefore Uttam is capitalizing on this openness to small, inexpensive, “homemade” products. He is now trying to commercialize his LED lights.
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