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Cards of love to the Army


Whether it be guarding the resilient and burning border at west, standing against the wild nature and natural calamities in the south, intercepting smugglers from the east or trekking, patrolling and fighting at the impossible ranges of north, you name the problem and the Indian Army is already there with the never-ending spirit and zeal towards the mother India.

Every citizen has his own duties towards the nation but this act by the Team of LEAD, Ek Soch Sandbox of Varanasi which is an NGO engaged in the motivating people on various fields under Deshpande Foundation of Karnataka portrays the amount of love and respect every Indian has towards the Indian Army.

The team undertook the beautiful initiative of creating, collecting and submitting Greeting cards. A staggering 50001 Greeting Cards from more than 25 Schools of Varanasi were submitted to Army Office 39GTC. Shri. Colonel Raghu Nair received the love in form of greeting cards on behalf of the Indian.

All the army officers attended the function and they were overwhelmed and congratulated these 30 students who visited the Army Office to deliver the greeting cards. This event was recorded by EURASIA WORLD RECORDS as the most Greeting cards created, collected and submitted to the Indian Army by a team. Dr. Jagadeesh Pillai, Indian representative of Eurasia World Records and the four-time Guinness Book of World Record holder and a resident of Varanasi has handed over the certificate to the team Leaders Mr. Ajay Suman Shukla and Mr. Chandan Tiwari of “LEAD Ek Soch” in the presence of Colonel Raghu Nair (Deputy Commanding officer, 39 GTC, Cantt, Varanasi) .

The team LEAD Ek Soch of Deshpande Foundation is engaged in creating and motivating college youth by engaging them in different activities to develop the spirit of leadership and entrepreneurial mindset within them.

Shri. Colonel Raghu Nair and his entire team of Army officers opened the packets and were overwhelmed to see the love and dedication of the students of Varanasi. The Army officers interacted with the team to know more about the foundation.

Many local and national media published this initiative and appreciated the efforts of the students to pull things apart and make this project a world record

written by : Varadh Kulkarni

Email ID : varadh.kulkarni.se@gmail.com

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