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LEADers collects books


Books are the most important and inseparable part of education. Deshpande Education Trust or DET is a center in which students gather to further develop their soft skills to become more employable. The students in DET often take on projects on behalf of the Deshpande LEAD program. Much like the Deshpande Trust helped these students, these students wanted to give back and educate youth. This time the LEADership group wanted to tackle the youth literacy issues here in Karnataka.

There will always be room for improvement when it comes to literacy. Specifically, one issue for children under the age of 10 is that they do not have access to books. LEADers and the Deshpande Educational Trust knew this and wanted to change this, so they hit the streets of Hubballi to find some books.

With the help of 700 peers, Ajith and her peers went to collect books from the public. The subjects varied from marketing, commerce, general knowledge, and many more. The public opinion was varied from happiness to extreme skepticism, implying the collectors to be thieves. syllabus books and more. In a day campaign, these students were able to obtain over 2,500 books to help fix the literacy problem currently affect not only India but the rest of the world. Once collected, they can provide 2,500 children with books of all types.

Education and access to education are of enormous importance, and without literacy, the future generation cannot progress. Giving a child notes can help change the world. Without this type of action, millions of children worldwide would not learn to read. Giving a book is giving a chance to improve. So please if you have any extra please donate them to local charities or the Deshpande Educational Trust.

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