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Blood Donation Camp


IMG-20170916-WA0012Blood Donation is one of the best things that one can do to other human beings. Donating blood can help someone in getting a new life. Humans need a significant amount of blood to live a healthy life and donating blood does no harm to anyone. The blood that you give to someone helps them in living a healthy life and the blood that you donate grows again in your body. The donation of blood is considered as a human behavior and if someone needs then you must never think twice to donate the blood. The human body organs have different functions and they need the energy to be active throughout the day and for that, the organs need oxygen and energy which is provided by blood. Therefore, blood is a very important thing in the body. There are times when a person needs an external source of blood because of the excessive loss of blood and in such situations the blood donation plays an important role. The country needs at least five crore units of blood every year and out of which there is only 2.3 crore unit of blood that is available. There are only 8 blood types and therefore the right type of blood should bIMG-20170916-WA0015 (1)e available at the right time and that becomes a very difficult thing in our country. Hence, people should donate blood and should also encourage others to donate blood as it will only save a life of some other human being.


LEADer Poornima Dalawai, currently pursuing her B.Sc. degree in life sciences at, P C Jabin science college, Hubli, is personally a very social person. She grabs every opportunity she can get to connect to people and help them. She came across increasing deaths in areas around her and the reason behind them was the lack of blood at appropriate time. Even with the availability of blood in so many people, the victim would still suffice to death and the reason to this she found was that many people did not know anything about blood donation. Also, one must know their own blood group as it is important. The project that she wanted to take up would not only help people but also would help her education as a life science student. She thus began her project ‘Blood group detection & data collection of donors’.


LEADer Poornima Dalawai gathered around 10 LEADers and began her project. The team visited colleges and took permission to conduct a Blood Typing camp. They collected a small amount of Rs.5 from the students which would otherwise take Rs.30 at any laboratories. The team would spread awareness of Blood Donation at the same time and also collected the whole data that comprised the name of the student, blood group, and way to contact if at all he can be a promising donor at any time of need. By conducting around 6 camps, the team raised at least Rs.3000 which they used to conduct the same camp at villages and government schools but at free of cost.



IMG_20180110_121619The LEADers faced situations where there were many people who doubted the methods used. They convinced and also explained the hygiene they maintained. There were also few who knew their blood types but still checked just to verify if the team was doing it right. Well, the team definitely cam with the right responses. Through this project, LEADer Poornima Dalawai has learnt to lead a team and coordinate to work effectively. She has also brushed up her communication skills.

This project has reached more than 1500 people and the data has been submitted to various blood banks too. The success of the project speaks for itself when 15 patients have received blood from the donors that the LEADers have contacted. LEADer Poornima Dalawai looks to continue the project reaching many more people and aware them about blood donation.


Written By: Nilima Jangam

Email: nilimajangam65@gmail.com


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