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Blood donation, a biggest step to save lives.


Blood donation camp, a life saving event, as last year was again organized by LEaders of KLE Dr. M.S.Sheshgiri Engineering and Technology College, Belgavi in cooperation with KLE Blood Bank. Blood donation isn’t just about saving a person’s life, but the happiness that we feel is inexpressible and it is also helpful for our body to regenerate new blood cells.

Organizing any event needs lots of hard work, proper planning, proper cooperation with team mates, time management, and when all these requirements meet to satisfying level, the event explodes with success. LEaders started their planning and execution from a week prior to the event. Posters and banners were prepared and distributed by conducting campaign three days previously. Door to door campaign was conducted by the LEaders in few areas. A hall named Samudaya Bhavan in Chidambar Nagar, Angol was arranged for the event.


13th October 2019, a big day for all the organizing team. Early morning, all the LEaders gathered at the place and arranged all the beds and other required things with the help of doctors. Once again the campaign was conducted by the LEaders nearby to the Bhavan. With the first donor who entered at 10am as soon as the camp started, the count of donors increased to 30 by the end of the camp at 2pm. Breakfast before the donation and juice after the donation was provided for the donors by the Blood Bank members. 


It was really a great learning experience for the LEaders. Interaction and tackling with high authority people, public with variety of different thoughts within them, and, team mates was the most profound learning by the LEaders. Importance of arranging and promoting such impactful projects was another lesson. Handling the hurdles and quick right decision making was also encountered by the LEaders.

Without few hurdles, a project never gives the enhancing success. Convincing people about the importance of blood donation, and making them aware about it was quite difficult but that didn’t let the enthusiasm and confidence of LEaders go down. Though the count of LEaders who were organizing was less which made them to work double the amount, LEaders with great smart work made it a successful event.


Don’t you think it’s really an impactful and promoting event? Such events should be conducted atleast once or twice a year. Doctor’s state that donating blood once in four months is helpful not just for saving a life, but also to keep ourselves healthy. 

Written by: Priyanka Kammar
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