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Her efforts to ensure every individual is alarmed about dengue


Dengue is a one of the most dangerous diseases in world wide. The name itself brings wind of fear in everyone’s mind. If the diagnosis is not done properly and on the time it may lead to death. Dengue causes pain in body, fever, loss of appetite, nausea or vomiting. All the symptoms of dengue are common so at times people ignore and the ignorance leads to serious health issues. Everyone knows the prevention but no one understands the importance of implementing hygiene and cleanliness until and unless they see someone suffering. And then everyone understands the meaning of Prevention is better than Cure.

Many of us read about dengue in news papers, watch news channels or any social media sites, but there is one sector of society which is barely updated about the threats of dengue. There was a crucial need to ensure that everyone is aware about this mishap. LEADer Vimala Kadam and her team from Chikodi took an initiative to spread awareness about Dengue fever. Vimala Kadam is studying B.A from A. A. Patil Women College, Chikodi. She joined LEAD in the year 2016 and started studying the problems faced in villages and tried to find out the solutions.


LEADer Vimala once came across through a situation where a child was suffering from high fever. The diagnosis was not proper so it became a severe one. By seeing the child’s situation Vimala decided to educate people about cleanliness and effects of Dengue.There began a drive to help out people before they become prey to this monster. She took this up as a ‘LEADERSHIP CHALLENGE’ and vow to educate every door of the target villages.

LEADer Vimala spread the awareness in Bhignagar, Jarigalli and Matenkeri Galli. Vimala and team visited all the houses in those places and told them the necessities of cleanliness. LEADers took help of TMC and Taluka Health department and visited every house of the particular areas. Health department and TMC provided pamphlets and cards regarding Dengue and its prevention as well as precautions. LEADers distributed those pamphlets to houses and explained them all the important points related to hygiene. LEADers told villagers about Dengue and the reasons behind it. They told them to keep their surroundings clean and not to store water in any place for longer time. Storing of water and not cleaning the surroundings gives a way to birth of mosquitoes which are the reason behind bone breaking fever that is dengue. Vimala and team not only spread the awareness but also cleaned the areas. Also with the help of TMC and health department they spread the pest control chemicals in those areas. In this way LEADers not only informed but inspired people to keep their area clean. And LEADers helped the patients who were suffering from severe diseases like dengue by providing them the proper medication.


Before starting the project when LEADer Vimala and team went for survey they saw the places where there was lots of garbage and water stored at one place. Cleaning those places was the first problem they faced while starting the project. When LEADers were approaching houses some people were not supportive. So making them understand the reason behind the campaign and convincing them to clean their houses as well as surroundings was difficult. Where on the other hand lots of people encouraged the LEADers for their work and promised to support them by keeping the areas clean. Also they promised to take proper medication when suffering from a disease and not to neglect any of the small symptoms.WhatsApp Image 2017-08-31 at 9.53.39 PM

WhatsApp Image 2017-08-31 at 9.53.59 PMWhen LEADer Vimala requested, TMC and health department promised the team to apply pest control on weekly basis as per requirement. After doing this project successfully LEADer Vimala doesn’t want to stop. She is continuing the awareness project in other locations also. Through this project LEADer Vimala reached more than 3000 people and she is willing to reach more people. LEADer Vimala says having this campaign was more than necessary and even after facing all the problems she reached people and spread the awareness. She looks forward for the next challenges for the other locations.There are so many other diseases like dengue. Though the medications and diagnosis are different for every disease what important is to take proper medical support and have a healthy and clean atmosphere.


Written by: Nilima jangam

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