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Beware of the death traps on roads


Anyone driving slower than you is an idiot, and anyone going faster than you is a maniac

Going out is common in our routine life. We travel from one place to other by means of different automobiles. Due to population explosion, there is an increase in the number of automobiles too which ultimately leads to unnecessary traffic and pollution. As there is a saying “precaution is better than cure”, we must be always cautious and on our guard and follow the traffic rules to prevent accidents.

IMG-20171231-WA0087But generally people tend to ignore or neglect the traffic rules, it is their sense of carelessness which takes over and they sometimes end up paying a huge price for small negligence.Jumping signals, triple driving, under-age driving, riding without helmets etc are the common rules violations by people these days. According to the census, actual figure of accidents are more than that recorded, because all accidents are not recorded due to various factors. Another major cause of accidents these days is potholes on roads. Potholes have been one of the most disturbing problem in India these days. These are the hidden death traps on the roads these days.


LEADers took this issue as a challenge and tried solving it. wherever the road was damaged , indications were made on roads with white paint. LEADers covered all the major roads of the city working fromdawn to dusk. LEADers also gave awareness to the localities about following traffic rules and made them realize the dangers tagged with violating traffic rules This helped the public to be aware of the dangers on road and the LEADers were appreciated by the local people.

Written By: Kavya Vangala

Email: kavyavangala7@gmail.com

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