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Best LEADer awardee: Niranjan Kargi


The only thing limiting your ASPIRATION is your IMAGINATION.

Niranjan Karagi, a final-year engineering student of Angadi Institute of Technology and Management, Belagavi, set on a mission to make sure pure water is not only for those who can afford an expensive ‘Water purifier’, rather it’s for everybody either rich or poor.

Niranjan felt low when he saw school going kids drink water from pumps in disposable bottles because impure water could cause much mild gastro intestinal distress and bacterial diseases. He knew not all people could afford a purifier hence came the thought of making an cost effective purifier such that every sector of the society could drink pure water.
Niranjan worked on developing NIRNAL, a filter which would be cost-effective, portable and able to purify water easily. In the process, he approached LEAD for assisting guidance and financial support. Soon the product was ready and 5000 units were sold at the price of Rs 20/- in schools and colleges of Belagavi, Raichur, and Dharwad.



Niranjan was awarded as the Best LEADer in the annual leadership festival, The Yuva summit.venudhwani



Interview by Venudhwani, Community Radio Station at the J.N.Medical College campus.



Niranjan plans to expand this to a greater extent, Newer and better versions of the filter will also come up in mere future. With such thoughtful and dedicated engineers around, we can definitely see the nation growing.

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