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Flood Relief Projects of Chikkodi and Belagavi – Hard Times Reveals the Hero Within Us

Flood Relief
Scenes after Flood in Chikkodi Region

It takes years for people to build their home.  Their entire life revolves around that infrastructure where they grew up. What happens to a person, who had everything and become homeless in a night? We can’t even imagine their emotions when their houses shatter overnight. When they had to leave their place and migrate to some other place. This situation was experienced by thousands of families of North Karnataka last month during the flood. This was their one of the worst nightmares, where all the rivers overflowed their danger limits and people had to vacate their houses overnight, leaving behind everything to save lives.

North Karnataka is enriched with fertile soil. This is mainly because of a large number of streams and rivers flowing in this region. Due to this 90% of the people are depended on the rivers for their agriculture and stay on their rich and fertile river basins. But on the name of development and technology, humans are exploiting nature since centuries. Every action has a limit. When nature is overexploited, it pays us back in terms of natural Disasters. They are the wake-up calls to humanity that we should stop depriving nature. The natural disasters don’t come unannounced, they are called upon on invitation by abusing nature.

Flood Relief
LEADers visited the places and distributed necessary things

This monsoon was not in the favor of people of North Karnataka. They received heavy rainfall. On 1st of August 2019, as a security measure in the prevailing situation of heavy rains, India Meteorological Department declared Red alerts in some parts of Karnataka including north Karnataka. River basins overflow and thousands of people were evacuated to relief camps. Reports say that nearly 61 people lost their life and more than 6.97 lakh people were evacuated. The houses were shattered, the fields were flooded, the crop was destroyed, and the cattle’s were dying. Human life was devastated.

Flood Relief
Leaders with Ashraya Foundation Distributed Kits

It is truly said that we cannot stop natural disasters but we can arm ourselves to fight against the disasters. Belagavi district was the most affected region in the state and leaders of Belagavi were the most active Leaders. They did not sit at their houses out of fear. Instead, they took effective initiatives to help the people around.


Flood Relief Initiatives by LEADers of Chikkodi:

  • The LEADers were successful in reaching more than 1500 families.

    Flood Relief
    Distribution of Food Items
  • More than 40 students worked voluntarily for about 15 days.
  • LEADers have worked for more than 112 hours to lift the affected people from the problems.
  • The Students raised funds of 10000 Rs.
  • They collected different materials of worth 1,00,000 Rs. Which they distributed among the villagers and people at rescue centers.
  • Leaders worked in more than 13 villages including Kerur, Benadi, Kunnur, Sankeshwar, Basavanagadde, Kusanal, Ingali, Yadur, Yadurwadi, Chandur, Chandur Tek, Kundaragi, Nippani, Ankali etc.
  • They carried out different activities possible to help the people who were flood-affected like:
  1. Funds Collection.
  2. Materials collection from native people and NGO’s.

    Flood Relief
    Donation of books for Library
  3. Cleaning activities at temples and schools.
  4. Distribution of clothes and kits to people.
  5. Applying insecticide powder in the villages.
  6. Spreading awareness among the people about different government schemes available for flood-affected people.
  7. Donation of Books to the School library, which was destroyed due to flood water.
  • Some of the active leaders who worked effortlessly are Jyoti, Swaroop, Kiran Magdum, Shamala, Sheetal, Vidhya, Keerthi, Aishwarya, Sadana, Sharada, Tanu, Shreeshail, Sakshi and Team.
  • Leaders carried out effective survey of the affected villages. They prepared kits according to the basic needs of people and distributed them. The kit consists of Cloths, Blankets, Soaps, Paper Plates, Biscuits, Towels, Snacks, Bucket, Mug, Rice, Sugar, Mats, Edible oil packets, Mosquito coils, Notebooks, Broomsticks, Candles, etc.

Flood Relief Initiatives by LEADers of Belagavi:

  • They reached more than 4800 lives through their initiatives.
  • More than 30 volunteers worked for 9 Days to make the lives of flood-affected people better.
  • Leaders have worked for about 108 hours to lend a helping hand to the affected people of Uttar Karnataka.
  • LEADers collected about 3700 Rs. To donate for these people.
  • They worked in the region of Chikkodi, Khanapur, and Ramdurg.
  • They collected different materials of worth 10,000, which they distributed among the villagers and people who were in the rescue places.
  • Some of the active leaders who worked selflessly are Lingaraj, Bhimanagouda, Shrilesh, Akshay, Sameeksha, Rahul B. and team.

It is really appreciable what the LEADers of Chikkodi and Belagavi have done. Leader Kiran says that “It is not enough if my family is safe. I wanted to make sure that all the families around are safe”. This is the true quality of a leader.

Leader Jyothi said “The scenes after the flood were frightening. The villages were smelling but still, people continued to live in that place because they had nothing left”.

Leader Swaroop said “This was the most lamentable experience of my life. The situation of the people brought tears into my eyes”.

Written By: Vaishnavi N Patil

Mail Id: vaishnavinpatil6@gmail.com

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