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Team Leader: Pavan Kumar
Team Members: B. Archana, Nisar, and Anupama
Date: 25/01/2011
Place: 4 schools in Bellary at Patel Nagar, MG Road
College: BITM College Bellary
Pavan Kumar of BITM College Bellary and his team, B. Archana, Nisar, and Anupama, developed a unique project for the construction of toilets in government schools. The project was kickstarted on the 25th of January and the project is still in the process of completion because of its large size. The proposed project has a budget of 1.5 lakhs, which will be funded by Hottur Steel and Neo Construction.

Pavan was motivated to undertake this initiative after he saw students using public spaces as urinals. He and his teammates not just came up with the idea of construction but also developed long term goals. They conducted an awareness program involving quizzes and drawing competitions in 4 schools: government schools and Sharada Vidya Peetha, at Patel Nagr and MG road. The project required extensive planning, starting with the collection of information about the schools that need such a facility. Later after talks with the BDO and his permission, the team set out to find sponsors for the project, which was a challenge. Educating students about hygiene and the benefits of cleanliness was also challenging, but the team performed skits to educate them. The project’s greatest achievement has been bringing people’s attention to the problem and creating awareness. The project, however, has remained stagnant as there has been a slight hold up from the sponsors in releasing the funds required for the project.

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