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Be The Change You wish to see in the World


         We always complain about the faults and Problems we encounter daily in our society. But how many of us actually think of fetching solutions to these problems? How many of us dare to be the change we wish to see in the world? Instead of waiting for others to do things for us, we should initiate things. This is the real character of a true leader.

Leaders of RYMEC College
Leaders of RYMEC College Ballari

       The leaders of RYMEC Engineering College, Ballari have taken one such wonderful initiative to bring an impactful change in the society. After carrying out a survey the students reached a village named Janekunte, which is 12 Km from Ballari. According to their survey reports Janekunte is the most backward village in the surroundings. They inspected the village conditions and interacted with the people of the village. 

The Construction stages of Anganwadi
The Construction stages of Anganwadi

      Every big change starts with a small step. The Anganwadi building of the village was left half-constructed and had no sign of development from the last 5 years. The leaders discovered that no one in the village was bothered to give a thought on it. The teacher was conducting the classes in a small room which was unhygienic to the children. Education is the most powerful weapon which we can use to change the world. So if the students lose their interest in the school because of the improper infrastructure it will be a great loss to society. So the leaders decided to reconstruct the Anganwadi for the little ones. 

     15 leaders along with their mentor Jagadish sir started the project. They collected funds from people and initiated the construction. The RYMEC College students raised the fund of rupees 1 lakh for the construction of the building. The government officers contributed some funds for the work. Within the time period of one and a half months, a beautiful infrastructure was built for the children and ready for the inauguration. The leaders raised the funds for about 3 lakh rupees and provided all the basic needs to the Anganwadi. It was a proud moment for the leaders when they saw the shine of happiness in the kids. Since there was no Anganwadi building in the village, the government had decided to merge it to another village. But, this initiative has brought a change in the decision of the government. The villagers and different government officers appreciated the project carried out by the leaders.

Inauguration of the Building
Inauguration of the Building

       The leaders say that “We have many other plans for the village like digitization, better agricultural methods, etc. which will bring positive development in the village”. Convincing the government officials was the difficult task which they faced. But when the determination is strong nothing can stop us from doing good things. This is a great example for others, who want to bring a real change in society.

Written By: Vaishnavi N Patil

Mail Id: vaishnavinpatil6@gmail.com    


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