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Bank onto fingertips!


Early day’s money transaction was a huge procedure. People would carry money to the banks, wait in the queue for long hours and then deposit or withdraw as per their needs. It was a time-consuming procedure. The banks came into existence in the mid-’90s. From the past 20 years, the mode of transaction become more convenient with the inventions of the ATM’s. But recently it has transformed into internet banking or e-banking in which the internet channelize between the customers and bank which benefit both. E-Banking provides many benefits to the bank as well as its customers like it save the time spent in banks, it provides easy procedures for international banking, It gives 24/7 and throughout year services, It also provides well-organized cash management system and many more. It has made the lives of people much easier.
Well now let me ask you is everyone getting benefited by this technique?? How many people are really accessible to this method? We educated can practice it very easily, but what about the uneducated people?? So our LEADer Abhilash started the project called “Online banking” for the people like auto drivers, shop keepers, etc. He thought that even the common people should get benefited by these Apps. He started the project 8 months back and is still continuing in his free times. He goes to the shop keepers and auto drivers, explains them about the benefits and ease of online banking, he teaches them the procedure and methods to use the BHIM app, and then he creates an account in their cellphones. By doing this he is helping thousands of small scale business people transact online.
Abhilash is successful in creating 1500 BHIM accounts so far and aims for a much greater number in coming days. He says his mentor guided him in the right path and explained him the way of communication with the people. “Sometimes I had a horrible experience with people and they have also scolded me but I didn’t stop my work” this is what he says. He also faced a language problem while communicating with some people. Some other difficulty was few people were reluctant to believe in online transactions and online scams which they heard in rumors. After all these difficulties Abhilash is continuing his work which is appreciable.
He says he has learned to communicate with new people and learned to tackle people with different mindsets. He says during this project his communication skills have improved to a greater extent. When our Honorable Prime Minister is working so hard in making digital India as a citizen of this country it is our responsibility to contribute a little to it. We are proud of our LEADer Abhilash for his contribution.

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