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“LEADers Chethan B.M. and Sumith J. Rawal Want to Automate the World”

LEADers Chethan and Sumith are two keen inventors trying to bring new technology to India. They wanted to bring Wifi switchboards to the small town of Davangere. These two came up with the idea because once, one of their family members forgot too shut off a light before leaving for vacation as a result when they came back, they noticed that the light had been on for a week. The boys thought there must be a better way to fix this problem and the Smart Switch was conceived.

The boys had one problem, how were they going to make this thing.? Well for that they spent ten days at the Hubballi Sandbox. Here they received mentorship and a workshop for building the machine. After only ten days these two boys created a working prototype and are now on their way to becoming innovators in their community.

When asked, what is next they both seemed confident that they could transfer the basics of the switchboard to other appliance in the average home. They would like to make smart homes a common thing here in India. They want to start in Davangere and next to the rest of India. They are quite admirable and ambitious students!

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