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“Learning is passion and teaching is learning this passion”




LEADer Kavya Mugali from Hubli has a thought of being different from all and her actions have always been so society betterment orientated. Initially, she had a thought which she wanted to execute and with the support of LEAD she came up with her initiative. She took an initiative of teaching those kids the basic education that they could not acquire due to poverty. She made up the plan of reaching DCSE construction site where the laborers toiled hard for food and shelter but lack giving their kids a proper education. She gathered the kids and parents around and explained them the importance of education and health.

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She brought along the stationary along which she distributed among the kids and that brought in more excitement within the kids for learning. She taught them the basic learning aspects which the kids grasped and there went on much more interaction than expected. The kids were happy learning new things. As it’s well said that there is no ease without challenges, and Kavya faced many of them. It was a challenge to convince the kids the importance of learning and also challenges were added when she had to arrange all the stationeries and yet she managed the best and reached all the kids.


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