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If anyone aims to have a better and richer life in aspects of knowledge, skills and ethical practices then education is the only most beautiful path to be followed. It not only gives you success, but with success it gives you satisfaction. Education actually starts from our home itself. And when we grow up to a certain age where our capabilities increase, we are sent to school. School is a temple where education is provided, but nowadays its divided in terms of providing knowledge. 


Nowadays, we come across two different types of schools, private and government. Both do their best to provide all the facilities to a student to build their career. There are a lot of reasons due to the decrease in the count of students in government schools, let’s not get into the deep reason. But to overcome this, LEADer Raju from Bapuji degree College,  Chitradurga, Karnataka came up with an amazing initiative. 


He selected a government school in his native which has around 250 students and he conducted sessions for teachers for one hour twice or thrice a week. He shared some information regarding how the teachers need to interact with students based on the capabilities of a child to understand. Also, he conducted parents meeting once a week to let know the importance of parents contribution in students academics. He shared how parents need to check their children’s books, make them study at home and insist them to share how their day went at school. He also conducted some classes to teach students about various topics like health and hygiene, he also conducted plantation at school.


Feedback from parents, teachers as well as students was really appreciating and positive  to the LEADer. It gave a proper communication network among students, teachers and parents. He is continuing the project still. And he is also thinking to continue in other schools. During the project, he could learn about the importance of communication skills, courage and confidence. He aims to contribute in developing of government schools so that children can take the use of government contributions in their education. 


Written by : Priyanka Kammar

Email ID : priyankaykammar18@gmail.com

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