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Animals should be protected – They do have family just like You and Me

Animal Love
Animal Love
Leader Ranganath rescuing the snake

Nature is a wonderful gift. We can never get tired of admiring the amazing beauty of nature. Animals are the important element this beauty. Their formation is the art of nature. Earth is home for nearly 10 million to 14 million species in this world. Every organism on earth has its own significance for their existence, but we humans have become the rulers of this world. We have started exploiting the nature for our own reasons.

Parrot rescues at CARE, Ballari

Its rightly said that, there is sufficiency in the world for man’s need, but not for man’s greed. Our greed has increased to such an extent, that we are causing treat to the existence of all other livings in the name of technology and development. Like humans all other animals have their right to leave peacefully in their houses. We have started building our houses by destroying theirs through deforestation in the name of urbanization. Thus the poor animals have no other way than entering our houses. For example Snakes.

Animal Love
Snake rescued by Leader Ranganath

Except for Antarctica snakes are present everywhere. They leave in our surroundings. Unlike humans they never cause any harm to others intentionally. But we still believe so many myths and kill them when ever found. Most of the snakes are non-venomous but still people kill them thinking that they may give deadly bites. We humans have reached space successfully using advanced technology but failed to understand the nature of animals living around us. Some of these animals are on the verge of extinct. So it’s high time to change our mentality towards these animals.


Animal Love
Awareness given by the Leader on Snakes

One such excellent initiative is taken by Leader Shri Ranganath Desai to reduce the exploitation of snakes when they come into our surroundings. From childhood Ranganath had affection towards animals. At the age 14, he started rescuing snakes from people beating them. One day, while he was on his way back to home from school he saw a person catching snake. He was trying to scare all others with the snake in his hand. Ranganath could not bear the torture given to the snake. When asked to catch the snake he fearlessly caught the snake gently and left it in the field. This changed the mindset of the person who had caught the snake. From that day he started catching the snakes and leaving the safely out of the village where they were safe.This incident changed his life.


Ranganath started  reading books, articles and newspapers to know more about the snakes and their nature. After six months of the studies and research he gained the confidence of rescuing snakes without harming them. He says, he want to bring the change in the mentality of our society. Whenever people see snakes they panic and rush to kill them. Every animal on earth is a living being with feelings, emotions and family just like us. Since then he started receiving phone calls whenever people found snakes around them.  So far Ranganath is successful in rescuing more than 300 snakes. Lead mentors have constantly encouraged and supported Ranganath in his initiative. He said, “My interest of rescuing animals became my hobby when attained LLP camp (Leaders Accelerating Development Program) in Hubli, where he met Snake Sangamesh (Professional Snake Catcher).

Animal Love
Dog Rescued at CARE Ballari

Ranganath rescues other animals and birds like dogs, squirrel, and pigeon etc. which are wounded. He works with the NGO name CARE (Conservation and rescue) in Ballari which shelters more than 80 street Dogs.  Ranganath is conducting awareness programs in his college and other places to reduce the myths of snakes from people mind. He is also training other leaders to rescue animals. We should support the initiatives of the leaders like Ranganath, to bring the change the society because after all we only one home.

Written By: Vaishnavi N Patil

Mail Id: vaishnavinpatil6@gmail.com

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