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Animal Welfare Project


“Blessed are those that have earned the love of an animal” is exactly  what  LEADer Roshan Monteiro from Belgaum believes.  Animals should not require our permission to live on earth. Animals were given the right to be here long before we arrived.

LEADer Roshan’s love and compassion for animals have encouraged him to take this project dealing with animal welfare. This project concerns every animals health. Animals are provided with proper treatment by the specialized veterinary doctors and complete treatment is provided with all medications. Basically the project deals with all the infected and injured animals who are deprived of proper treatments. It aims towards opening a rescue house for all animals.

Nothing in the world is worth doing unless it means efforts, pain and difficulty. The biggest challenge here was managing with the stray dogs, many a times there was a chance to be bitten by them, making them friendly has been a really difficult task. Also the diseased ones had to be handled with extra care. It really required a support  of  few many people. Also we had to face the locality people while taking any dog and had to make them understand the cause of doing this, as we were misunderstood most of the times as we were doing something wrong to them or intending to trouble them.  Next difficulty was finding place for these animals to be kept, it also required a good amount of financial support . Being from a  middle class family the money requirement was something which always hindered in work. But as we know “where there is a will, there is always a way” We could overcome all these problems and rise above  to continue with the work.

All  great achievements can only be obtained when there are hands ready to join them. This great ideology was supported by the team Deshpande Foundation, they raised the hands to join with LEADer Roshan.  His wish of helping animals was fulfilled by LEAD association which he joined through  an orientation program  held in his college.This project has been very helpful for the animals and also the people as we have cured  many diseases and also injured dogs. The cured ones have also been adopted by many people. This ideology has been appreciated and supported by many people. This has also attracted many people animal lover and has brought them  to join hands and make it possible worldwide.

LEADer Roshan has successfully treated 20  animals  from several parts of the city and is looking forth to start an NGO for pets and  expanding his mission all over the world . “Animals need the love and support they deserve”. His project was awarded in the LEAD Valedictory belagavi 2019 as the Best Initiative.

Written by: Ambika Kumari Patra

Mail Id: ambikakumaripatra@gmail.com

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