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LEADers Construct Anganwadi


In the village Navalihal, the local parents struggled to get jobs to provide for their families as there was no center for child care. Most parents were preoccupied with raising children and lacked the resources to pay people to take care of their children. In this village, there was a need for an Anganwadi, which can be loosely defined as a children’s care center for rural communities. Kajal saw this need and decided to take action in this village. With the help of her parents and mentorship of Vishaka, they were able to construct Navalihal first Anganwadi.

This LEADer was able to raise 10 Lakhs Rs from the Gram Panchayat in Navalihal and this money was used to construct on of the first Anganwadi in the area.

Not only did this leader support the community by raising funds and building the educational hub they have provided the city with a point of stress relief. The benefits will continue to have a significant effect on its community and the social well-being of these families. LEADers make a difference and therefore, you can too by joining our teams of project experts.

LEADer Kajal convinced Parents and most importantly the Gram Panchayat members to Construct Anganwadi for her village. Kajal Hegade offered her own piece of land to have a better space for the construction of Anganwadi. 25+ students are taking admissions every year at the Angandwadi which is running successfully.

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