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The importance of literacy can be stated at two levels: National and Individual.
At the national level, in a participative democracy like India, a literate population is required to build a nation with strong social, economic and political foundations. Literacy is an important starting point that brings awareness in people to work towards a better living. It helps them to break free of shackles of ignorance, avoid getting manipulated, and being left out of the mainstream. At an individual level, the increased confidence of every newly literate person to achieve the impossible bears heart-warming testimony to the power of literacy. Amar sangannavar from Vijaypur understands the importance of literacy and a proper guidance to village students so he took up an initiative to create excitement in children about reading and education with an innovative idea.



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LEADer Amar is pursuing his diploma in Vijaypur. He joined LEAD by seeing the enthusiasm of young LEADers in Yuva Summit. When he was in highschool he did not have anyone to support his education by guiding him. Amar lost his three years due to lack of knowledge and because of no guidance in career and in education. He does not more children to be victim of such huge problem. He want children to have knowledge about outer world and to explore themselves according to their interests. To support the same thought he started a library at a village called, hullur in Vijaypur district. He used a store room for the same cause. He cleaned the room and kept books and stationary in the room for children of the village.

The store room which he is using as a library was initially a room which was used to store grain and people were using it for cooking purpose. The room was dirty and it took more than 4 hours for him to clean the room. He convinced people and he called children to this innovative library in the village. LEADer Amar is willing to keep news papers and magazines in the library so that children will be updated about the outside world. Literacy is an important base to develop the India but before that the important thing making people aware about importance of education and keeping them interested in the same. LEADer Amar’s initiative is for the same cause and he has reached more than 80 children by today. He will reach more children and people in future.



Written By: Nilima Jangam

Email: nilimajangam65@gmail.com

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