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LEADer Rahul while explaining about digitization

Indian culture is one of most vibrant cultures in the world and rural culture forms its backbone. With the enhanced technology we have seen development in cities or urban areas than rural areas. Rural being the backbone the development rate is very slow and somewhere that might affect in our country’s development. Considering this huge fact LEADer Rahul Gorbal from Laxmeshwar came up with an idea of developing a village. Rahul is an engineering student of SKSVMACET, Laxmeshwar College. He joined LEAD through the orientation conducted in his college after getting inspired by the word done by other LEADers.





LEADer Rahul is a keen observer and he observed small issues in a village called, Gulganjikoppa. Children not attending schools, women dealing with hygiene issues and unemployment are the most common, harmful and still neglected issues in rural areas. After observing Rahul understood the depth of the result of these issues and committed himself to solve it. He and his team from SKSVMACET approached youth of the village and people who have completed their 12th and taught them the methods of digital transactions. Spreading awareness about digital literacy was the first step towards the development of society. Right after buzzing about technology LEADers targeted women from the village. They wanted to empower women so LEADers taught them few ways to earn from home, they also explained about how a woman’s contribution is important at every house. On the occasion of women’s day LEADers felicitated all the working women for being a super woman.



Helpline numbers on School wall

The next move of this project was attracting children towards education and ultimately to school. LEADers distributed Indian maps and globes, they pained the school walls with different helpline numbers and visited schools and shared inspiring stories to make sure that every child continues education. After bringing so much of changes in the village it was necessary to keep it clean and so LEADers distributed dustbins and asked everyone to keep it clean.



No great work is completed without challenges. The team of SKSVMACET also faced problems before and during the implementation of this initiative. At the beginning villagers ignored LEADers and insulted them whenever they spoke about women hygiene. Women were ashamed to speak about their health issues. A LEADer is the one who never give up and this was a team of determinant LEADers. They didn’t stop, they kept on convincing everyone and slowly people understood their point and cooperated with LEADers.

LEADers interacting with one of the villager


This was a story of one village and there are plenty of such places in India. LEADer Rahul Gorbal believes that these kind of development should be carried about in all possible villages. He is willing to continue the same initiative for many other villages too. Undeveloped villages are a huge disadvantage for India but such things will not be solved in one night. Such small and impact full initiatives will lead to develop the rural areas and that is how our backbone will be strong.

Written By: Nilima Jangam

Email : nilimajangam65@gmail.com

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