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There is always a better way to do it and she found that


Water forms 70% of human body and is essential to regulate the body temperature and other processes for the body. Drinking uncontaminated water is extremely essential to stay fit and healthy.

LEADer Priyanaka, BSc, of GFG College Haliyal had drinking water problem in her locality. The water that was available was n  identified this problem at her locality where there was a scarcity of portable water. Hence she thought of solving this problem and took up a lead project of building a affordable water  filter.

She built the water filter at the minimum cost of 300rs of budget from LEAD. She used raw materials such as empty water can, sand, charcoal and stones to prepare the filter.

Sand and stones filter the particles and dirt out of the water. Charcoal is known to remove the chemicals. Hence water obtained through this method is free of dust particles and chemicals . THe watercan be further boiled and then can be used for drinking.

LEADer Priyanka did this project all alone on her own without any teammates. After completing the project, she created awareness in her neighborhood about importance of drinking filtered water and explained them the process of preparing the water filter at home. She also exhibited her model at college and taught her friends about filtration process .

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