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Bhopal Gas Tragedy Image Courtsey :- A Museum of Bhopal Gas Tragedy

India has seen a vast number of tragedies. Bhopal Gas Tragedy in the year 1984 was one of the worst ones. 40 tons of toxic gas was accidently released from union carbide’s bhopal plant. The next ray of sun saw nothing but dead bodies humans and animals. Everyone around 4 Kms of the plant died except two brahmin families. Lots of research has been going on to find the reason behind the same. “Agnihotra”, a homa acted as the barrier for those families. The mythical stories tells the importance of “Homa” as it purifies the polluted air surrounding. Dung cakes, copper vessel, ghee , rice grains are the main components used in the “Homa”.

There are many facts of ancient hindu culture which supports the scientific facts and sometimes beats them too. This fact really amused LEADer Vijet Kamat, Jain College of Engineering and Technology, Belagavi.

Vijet is in first year of engineering and he is from Mundgod, Karwar district. He had no intention of joining LEAD before the orientation program. But he realised how the platform can guide him to bring out changes in society. Though he belongs to last bench students’ category, that noisy kid in him does not stop him to be the responsible citizen. The secret behind the survival of those two families poked him to share awareness about the ancient culture of hindu culture. He started researching about it and found his answers.

He started working on the project with the help of ingredients which are easily available and holds a strong scientific reason behind it. When the copper dung, ghee and rice is burnt in the copper vessel at the time or sunrise or sunset while chanting the specific mantras it creates the gas. The continuous chanting of mantra causes a specific level of frequency. When these two combine it reduces the pollution and cleanses the air surrounding. The residues of this process, that is the ashes of this process can be mixed with the fertilizers. This gas does not only cleans the air but brings the positive vibes in the surrounding. In one of the german researches it has been proved that it can help to a drug addicts to live a normal life. Vijet is at the last stage of the project where he has to confirm the results with the respect to the quality of air so that he can implement it in the wider range. For this innovative idea of Vijet, LEAD has funded about 200 rupees. He wants to implement this idea in wide range so that it will be helpful to the society. This step has proven that ancient activities holds its own scientifc reason behind it and do not support superstition.  

This is initiative is really very thoughtful, isn’t it? Through “Agnihotra” Vijet has been able to develop himself as a LEADer. “This project requires a lot patience and an ability to believe in unexpected things”, says LEADer Vijet. With the success of this project Vijet is developing patience day by day! The project does proves the reasons behind the early morning and huge “Homa’s” in Indian culture.  

Written By: Nilima Jangam

Email: nilimajangam65@gmail.com

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