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Afforestation is the solution for Deforestation


Trees, the most important gift of nature to humans. They are one among the essential requirements for humans, reason for human existence. From the most paramount gaseous element, oxygen to the daily needs like furniture, they provide all basic needs for humans. But as the modern technology is leveling up to the peak of mountain, this vital gift of nature is been destroying by humans through many ways, like deforestation for construction and all. Every problem has a solution, afforestation is the solution for deforestation.

Leader, Koushik B. R. From government Science College, Chitradurga joined LEAD in 2017 through orientation conducted in his college. Having concern towards nature and forest, he initiated afforestation as a solution for deforestation occurring due to infinite reasons. He started this initiative by collecting saplings from 6 villages and nearby forest offices. And then choosed six schools in few villages to plant these saplings.  The first spot he planted saplings was on the outskirts of colleges, government schools and roadsides. Later on, he distributed 600 saplings to the people who needed and could take care of them. Around 160 saplings have been planted at schools and they are well cared by the students and teachers. He takes the efforts to visit these schools every month to check on how the plants are treated. This is an ongoing problem and needs lots of efforts to be solved. He had been helped with Rs 3800 from LEAD. Transportation of saplings was the problem faced by the Leader. Communication and leadership skills were encountered by Leader Koushik.  He is now aiming to plant 2000 saplings in next four months.

From a small start, this project can be implemented at a huge scale with some more efforts. Balancing proper relations of humans with nature is of great importance. If we take something from nature, it’s duty of ours to return back something. One of the best way can be, if we cut one tree, planting five more trees can be a good return gift to the nature.

BY: Priyanka Kummar

Mail ID: priyankaykammar18@gmail.com


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