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A Step Towards Development of School Children in Nizamabad


“Never regard study as a duty but as an enviable opportunity to learn, to know the liberating influence of beauty in the realm of the spirit for your own personal joy and to the profit of the community to which your later works belong”

Palem geetha is from Nizamabad. She joined LEAD  to improve her creativity skills and to bring out her hidden capabilities.  As we all know knowledge without moral values are like weed plants in the buildings, at first a child should be taught with moral values then education otherwise as we know it would be a  curse of knowledge

As per 2016 reports, The total enrolment in schools in Telangana from Class I to X is 60 lakh, the enrolment in private schools is 32 lakh. So, LEADer Palem geetha and her Co-LEADers  from nizamabad took up this initiative in ZPHS HIGH SCHOOL to develop Basic English in Telugu medium school students and teaching them moral values and self hygiene because self-hygiene and moral values are important as a human being. Living in this present world situation where technology is going rapidly and competition for education and job employment is on crisis, communication are essential for students to get a job and survive in this society

 When they had started this project, principal was not supporting them much which was a challenge but after a few days he started supporting. But at first  students were not attending the class but then more students got motivated and joined in. Teaching these children moral values was the most difficult task for LEADers. As this issue is a global human concern they say that it’s an ongoing process. For this project LEADers got a lot of appreciation from their friends and family even after people not supporting them, but with motivation and self determination LEADers were successful in doing this project

Their motive of this project is that in every government school, no students should suffer from lack of Basic English communication skills and Moral values. LEADers have future plans to create more LEADers and to spread it to other government schools. LEAD wish them all the very best for their future career.


Written By: Roshan Pathan Khan

Email:  roshankhanpathan21@gmail.com

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