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Education is the most important amenity in life. Education gives us knowledge of the world and changes our perspective to it. As we come across today’s education, it gives us a large way to pursue information about everything but hardly finds a way to improve the knowledge. Memory is tested but not a child’s  skills and abilities. Dashan Jain, a leader from Kolhapur is a student at SGI college. He is pursuing BBA degree. The way for him to get knowledge about LEAD Program is through orientation. Lead Leadership Program and Prayana videos inspired him to join LEAD Program.



Extending the help to the society, he found that there was no practical knowledge given to school children. Student’s are only fed with book information and the knowledge is restricted there itself. Whereas in case of colleges’ we can find a lot of practical knowledge is given. And so we find school students with only information and no knowledge. To overcome this, Darshan brewed a strategy of preparing models and teaching students accordingly with its help. So that students understand the concept well. Initially he prepared 4 to 5 models that were based on basic science laws and explained the students about it.


To inculcate this idea into large scale, Darshan involved governments help. He built a network among the government and few mentors, that  taught the school students about the models provided by the government. This is how he could provide 60-70 models to three places involving the teaching part by the mentors who were hired by the government after providing official letter. During the implementation of this projects he faced some problems. Some students did not show interest during the explanation  or disturbed while making the projects. Few workers in government were not ready to cooperate . It was difficult  to make them understand and  inculcate. Overcoming all the hitches, he could successfully complete 99% of the project.  In next 2-3  years LEADer Darshan and his team will be reaching more number of students .


So by teaching the students with the help of practical models knowledge was invoked among the school students. This project not only supports the idea of practical knowledge but also makes sure two more important things. One is the positive involvement of government and another is the employment of the mentors. Such initiative might seem a very small one but surely it can improve students’ skills for empowerment, in return it will be helpful for developing our society.

Written By: Priyanka Kammar

Email: priyankaykammar18@gmail.com

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