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A Real Life Super Woman – Vimala Kadam


Everyone speaks about how much sanitation and hygiene is important. People also share their views on how sanitation can be enhanced in India especially in rural parts of country. In India, till now, few rural areas consider that having a toilet in their premises is unholy and impure. Every person living in such villages considers open places in the early morning. As this system has been going on for years they don’t think that habit as a bad one. But changing mentality of such people, developing habits of sanitation in such places is more important than just speaking about them. LEADers from Deshpande Foundation are known for implementing impossible things in society for betterment of people. LEADer Vimala Kadam from A A Patil Women’s College, Chikodi is no less than a hero.


LEADer Vimala joined LEAD through an orientation conducted in her college. After that orientation her life changed and took drastic turn. Initially, for 6 months she observed LEADers in her surrounding and helped them with their project. After observing few problems in her surrounding she decided to promote toilet construction in her neighborhood and nearby villages. With the help of few resources she found government scheme in which government sanctions funds to construct toilet. She visited few places and surveyed, convincing people to construct toilet in their premises was very hard. Some people said, they are not financially strong and few insulted her for speaking about toilet construction. But she didn’t give up. She told people, who came up not being financially strong, about the government schemes and started construction work after completing all the requirements of government. As days passed she also convinced other people visiting them on daily basis with government officers and also by giving examples of people who had agreed to construct toilets.





She has been working on this initiative for more than 2 years and she has no intention to stop till she reaches to maximum people she can. She has completed toilet construction in 16 villages. In a place named, Kuroshi she has been able to get 380 toilets constructed. After working on this initiative for this much of time LEADer Vimala has gained confidence and have improved communication skills. She does not want to stop here. She wants to give shelter to homeless people through another government scheme. Her will to do something better for society, specifically for needy ones make her a real life super hero.


Written By: Nilima Jangam

Email: nilimajangam65@gmail.com


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