LEAD Prayana

LEAD Prayana 2018| Karnataka | Day-5



Day 5 started with the spiritual vibes through meditation which always helps to keep ourselves calm and energetic for the entire day. Prayanees proceeded to Rathamanasa, a hostel for boys that provides agricultural education to the boys. Agricultural education includes the showcase of plants, cattle and all work regarding cattle and the production of milk. The hostel hospitability provided by the organizers made the Prayanees feel homely. The hostel is for the boys from 8th to 10th std students.


Prayanees were distributed in teams for a farm tour guided by the organizers and they elaborated the process of product manufacturing andmarketing, their profit and about plants and cattle. When the difference between other hostel and Ratnmanasa was asked to one of the students staying there, he replied, “This stay here has taught me to the connection of life”. Also with the working in agricultural fields, they go to schools and are smart enough to be independent.


Following the breakfast, the Prayanees visited a village where self-help group members are working for the development of their lands. The land is of areca nuts. This SHG is 21 years old and still continuing where 4,00,000 families are part of this SHG. The profit they get from this SHG is about 3,60,000. The interactive session was handled by Mrs. Mamata, HR of SKDRDP organization and the members of the SHG. Later on, a group of women of SHG gathered together, who are working since the last 17 years. These women are so able to construct houses, to educate their children and to invest in gold for the future security. Women are successfully continuing poultry farms with the help SHG. They are also independent enough to handle their family on their own and strong enough to take any decisions for the welfare of their loved ones.


This program started with the introduction and bhajans. The journey between their struggles and the amount of success they have today has changed women into an independent woman and that was the main aim to convey the strength of struggle to the Prayanees.


Prayanees got engaged in spreading awareness about digitalization as the digitalization is the new school for future. Villagers were gathered in the hall of gram panchayat wherePrayanees explained about BHIM app, Paytm and also about BHIM id usage on the non-android phone. Prayanees installed BHIM app personally meeting a group of people individually. The response from the audience was appreciative and they showed interest in using the apps for betterment.

After lunch prayanees next destination was SDM Ujire where Prayanees had a brief knowledge about Arboretum. It’s a place where extraordinary and rare plant specimens are found. In the arboretum, the professor explained about the use of each and every plant existing there. According to Charaka and Shushruta Veda, every plant has medicinal elements in it. Preserving natural elements is the main motto of the same


Car museum at the Dharmastala was yet another venture for the Prayanees. Following to this was a visit to Manjusha museum that displayed many ancient things. Prayanees encountered an unusual thing at the parking area as the whole of the area was dirty and full of plastics. Prayanees started to clean the place and picked plastic bags to dump it in the dustbin. The place turned to a clean area in just 15 minutes. Prayanees also took an initiative to spread awareness about digitalization.

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Prayanees planned a Nukkad Natak and performed it and later approached people personally and told people regarding same. Later prayanees went to Manjunath temple to take the blessings of Lord Manjunath. And then continued with dinner. And the day which was full of excitement and all unexpected learning came to an end with a reflection session which showed how much Prayanees are growing day by day.


Written By: Nilima Jangam

Email: nilimajangam65@gmail.com




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