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“It is very well said by a great philosopher “if you can’t feed a hundred people,just feed one”.

We often tend to forget how important it is for us to give happiness to those who think all left unrecognized. Many awaiting eyes at old age home desire for happiness through all small things happening around. Inspired from this saying the LEADers of Darbar college Vijapur took an initiative to feed the old aged people and few kids in there. The young leaders collected funds from the students of their own college and made it to the old age home and sponsored a delicious lunch for the people of the old age home. This brought a change in their normal scheduled day which was indeed so much cherished and enjoyed by all the ones below the roof.




The Disables Welfare Officer and the Principal of Darbar college of Vijapur also joined the young leaders in this humble movement and initiative taken by them. Appreciating this, all realized how important it is for us to give time to the Old Hands who just hope for little happiness from their children. The LEADers were boosted when they saw the active and refreshing energy in the old age people.
Lastly, all the schemes and facilities provided to the people of the old age home were explained by the Disables Welfare Officer.




This lunch was so much to learn for the LEADers as they learnt the knack to approach the people to explain them about their good deeds. The funds collected were used in a great way which brought the right fruits in the best way.

Posted by:Rasika Mangale


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