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World Students Day.



Recently U.N.O. announced 15th of October, Dr. Abdul Kalam’s birthday, as ‘World Students Day’. Students of various colleges in the city celebrated Dr. Abdul Kalam’s birthday in a different manner. Under the initiative of LEAD students ofBLDEA’s Polytechnic, Engineering, SB Arts and KCP Science, Chetana college, Anjuman college, Darbar college and Malik Sandal Polytechnic college ran a signature campaign on taking a pledge to be civilly aware. In each college the campaign ran from opening hours till end and all the students along with the faculty participated. This was a joint effort by LEAD to make all the students be aware of a student’s responsibilities and to create awareness among them to make the city better.

Program Manager of LEAD Bijapur and Bellary Mr. Ajay Suman Shukla addressed the students to be the initiators intaking the solutions for local problems instead of complaining to others. Students took pledge to follow traffic rules, protect Bijapur historical monuments and create awareness for its importance, respect all religions, castes and women, protect natural resources and plant trees, promote unity and local culture, support the educational atmosphere of college campus, etc.
In each college students performed different activities apart from the signature campaign. In BLDEA’s Polytechnic andEngineering College LEAD students created mass awareness through hand cards holdings and informative slogans. Students of Chetana BBA and BCA College created awareness in other colleges like SECAB and PDJ as well. CES Students Mahesh, Saleem, Sagar, Waqar, Parth along with Ajay personally explained to Mr. S.S. Pattanshetti (DC, Bijapur) about their initiative and took his signature to promote this campaign. More than 2500 students of all thecolleges of Bijapur took part in the program and pledged towards following civic rules.

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