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“Awareness about the Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojan”

India is a democratic country. The ultimate power lays in the hands’ common people, people are the king makers. But nowadays politics has become a mad game and the common people are neglected badly.The government has made many schemes available for common people to get various facilities. But the majority of the public is unaware of it and they are not using these schemes.Keeping this problem in mind, LEADer Omkar Anil Knot from Sanjay Ghodawat Institute of technology from Kolhapur came up with an initiative of educating people about one such scheme i.e. the Pradhan mantra Mudra Yojana.

The pradhan Mantri mudra Yojana under the micro units development and refinance agency (Mudra) is an institution set up by the government for developing and refinancing activities relating to micro units. Its purpose is to provide funding to the non-cooperate business sector.

LEADer Omkar and his team visited many micro industries around Rukadi. They met the owners of these micro industries and interacted with them. LEADers enquired them about their business plans, then they told them about the Mudra Yojana and its benefits.But LEADer Omkar and team encountered a challenge, some people started firing questions at LEADers and they also told that the bank employees were not cooperating in the process.

But LEADer Omkar and team patiently answered to all their questions and they also brought some forms from the bank and educated them about the different formalities.

They interacted with around 150+ people, many thanked Omkar and team for the information.There are many such schemes which are not popular among the public. LEADer Omkar and team aims in helping the people make use of those schemes in an effective manner.

Posted by: Shyam Manja
Email id: manjashyam@gmail.com

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